WCN columnist ‘best of the best’

(The following is published with permission)

By Elaine Kolodziej, Publisher
Wilson County News, Floresville, Texas

Popular longtime outdoor author and writer John Jefferson won first place in the Excellence in Craft competition at the Texas Outdoor Writers Association’s 63rd Annual Conference in February.

The winning entry, “A Man Took Time to Mentor Me,” was published in the Oct. 6, 2020, issue of the Wilson County News. It was chosen from among more than 80 entries, as the “best of the best,” as one of the judges remarked. Jefferson’s writing conveys not only a love of the outdoors, but it shares important human values.

The competition chairman said of Jefferson’s winning entry that it “stood out as an example of what outdoor writing is supposed to represent. Not only was it the best article in the column category, but also outshined the news reporting, fiction, and all other submissions.”

Another judge wrote that his column “stood out in the competition ‘head and shoulders’ from the rest.” Jefferson incorporates important human values and shares life experiences that make his writing popular with all readers.

He credits the life experiences he had as a kid growing up for giving him an appreciation of the outdoors and says that the world would be a better place if everyone could have the chance to experience “the world off the pavement” by getting out in the woods like he did. It changed his life.

Jefferson thanks his grandfather’s friend “Uncle Josh” for giving him that opportunity.

Jefferson is a lifelong outdoorsman, Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. hunting and fishing regulations coordinator and director, 20-year editor of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual, author of two hunting books, and the recipient of numerous awards for writing and photography.

Jefferson’s column is featured weekly in the Wilson County News under the heading “Woods, Waters & Wildlife.” Look for it on page 4C .

The Texas Outdoor Writers Association strives to improve communication through the written and spoken word through art, illustration, and photography. “Its aim is to increase public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of our outdoor heritage in the use and enjoyment of our natural resources.”

NOTE: You can read his impactful winning entry here: www.wilsoncountynews.com/articles/a-man-took-time-to-mentor-me/

elaine@wcn-online.com (The column is also posted herein as “A Man Took Time”.)